Monday, June 11, 2012


I worry. It's my natural instinct to worry about everything and anything in my life. If I am not worrying, then I am not living. I worry over every little thing. Yes, I know that worrying is pointless, but sometimes it makes me feel better, like I may have a little control over things. I also feel like I have to worry some for my husband because he has the most laid back attitude, and stuff just rolls off of him. It infuriates me that he can have such a cavalier attitude. I can sit and rant and rave over things and he just shrugs his shoulders and goes on. I have found that most men are like this. Just once I wish that I could have the peace and tranquility for one day that my husband has all the time. Then just maybe I could get 8 hours of restful sleep.
I am sure that I am slowly putting myself into an early grave. Okay time to try the deep breaths and see if that will work.

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