Sunday, April 29, 2012

A dog's life

I have two dogs, two very spoiled dogs. I sometimes will stare at them when I am at home working, and they are asleep in their baskets, or around my feet. I reflect on just how easy they have it. Since I don't have children yet, I have taken to calling or referring to them as my children. I find myself saying things like "The kids need to go out, or The kids need feeding".

My Chihuahua is 11 years old and has been the most steadfast and loyal a companion that a person could ever ask for. We have been through so much together, and it breaks my heart to see him looking and acting older. I remember when I first got him- he was a rescue, and so full of energy and love. We had so many adventures together, and I referred to him lovingly as "my boy". He came to me with the ridiculous name of "Tiny" and I decided immediately that I would fix that. I thought for days and pondered just what would fit this tiny little creature. He wasn't fixed, and I noticed that he had developed a fond relationship with a teddy bear on my bed. One day he was "making love" to it and his lipstick popped out. I think that it scared him because he immediately jumped off the bed and hid under it. I was laughing so hard, but then became scared because could the lipstick come all the way out and not go back in. Eventually it went back inside, and the name hit me- he would be called "Woody"! Now we have different variations of it, "Woodrow", "Woodrow Willy", and just plan "Wood". I adore this kid and my heart will truly break when the time comes for him to pass.

Two years ago when my husband was deployed, I got the brilliant idea that we needed a second dog. It was just that, an idea, until my cousin called to tell me that they had rescued a precious Yorkie puppy that needed a good home. I love yorkies, as my mother and aunt have them, and because I am such a proponent of rescue dogs, I said that I would take him. The minute we laid eyes on each other, that was it. I reached out my hands for him and he jumped into them, and would let go. We were destined to be partners. I kept his name "Charlie" since it fits, but I formally call him King Charles Phillip Arthur George". He also answers to "Shit Head" and "Damn it Charlie". This kid is pure love and all boy, and has the most precious under bite that makes him look like he is smiling all the time! He has been a godsend for Woody, as they play together, or in actuality Charlie wants to play and Woody just growls and runs from him.

They are my special shadows. I may complain about them, but I know that my world would be so lost without them. The unconditional love and affection they give, only asking for treats and belly rubs in return. Because they are rescue dogs (and come to find out not pure breeds) they have a different outlook and personality. It's like they know that I saved them from an abusive situation, and do everything in their power to please me. I just hope they realize that in the process they saved me as well.

Grading Hell

I am finally entering in to the final stretch of grading hell for the spring semester. For some reason this semester flew by, and while I am not quite ready to teach maymester and summer sessions, I am glad to see this one over. For some reason teaching 8am classes did not make me happy-and I think this is God's way of getting back at me for never taking 8am classes in college.
Again I have to wonder, after grading final exams, how some of my students made it out of high school, let alone can breath and think on their own. I really wish I could take some aside and just ask them what they think they are going to do with their lives if they can't pass a simple 101 class? Some of these kids are taking Western Civ for the 2nd and 3rd time!!!

Ok, this was a quick break, now back to grading. I promise that I will be more diligent once this is finished because there is some much of my life that I want to be able to document!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a slacker!

I apologize to myself and anyone else who checks out my musings. My last month has been filled with reading research papers- 200 papers to be exact. I know more than I possibly need to about the European Witch Trials, The Fall of the Roman Empire, Trench Warfare, Hitler and the Holocaust, Henry VIII, and the French Revolution.

While I complain about the lack of writing skills that my students have and question how the hell they graduated high school and were accepted into college, there are always a few students who blow my mind! Either they have bought their papers (which isn't likely since I can use programs to check) or are just fantastic writers.  Those papers I can engross myself in and not put a red or green ink mark on them. When I read papers like that, it gives me hope for the educational system in South Carolina!

Now that those papers are finished, I am free to write finals and breath a sigh of relief until Maymester and summer session starts.....oh the life of a professor!