Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a slacker!

I apologize to myself and anyone else who checks out my musings. My last month has been filled with reading research papers- 200 papers to be exact. I know more than I possibly need to about the European Witch Trials, The Fall of the Roman Empire, Trench Warfare, Hitler and the Holocaust, Henry VIII, and the French Revolution.

While I complain about the lack of writing skills that my students have and question how the hell they graduated high school and were accepted into college, there are always a few students who blow my mind! Either they have bought their papers (which isn't likely since I can use programs to check) or are just fantastic writers.  Those papers I can engross myself in and not put a red or green ink mark on them. When I read papers like that, it gives me hope for the educational system in South Carolina!

Now that those papers are finished, I am free to write finals and breath a sigh of relief until Maymester and summer session starts.....oh the life of a professor!

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