Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No this isn't a blog about cooking!

While the title would say otherwise, I named my blog "Musing from the Kitchen Counter" because that is where my lap top is set up at the moment. This is my office for the time being while I clean out the extra bedroom that will be the office one day.
I decided to start blogging because I have finally faced the fact that I am not good at writing my feelings and emotions down. I start out great, journaling everyday the first few weeks, then it slowly dwindles down to once a week, then once a month, till one day I find it covered in a layer of dust. Since I spend so much time on this damn computer, why not put this site to good use.
I am going through some things right now and the best way to sort it out is through this. I don't want to pay some shrink to tell me I am fine. So, if you don't mind a little of dribble, mixed in with snarky remarks, then follow. There will be laughter, tears, heartache, pain, love, fantasy, everything you can imagine rolled into one big fat drama of a blog.
Enjoy the ride!

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