Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today Charleston was unseasonally warm for January. So much so that I had students show up for their 8am class in shorts, even though at that time it was 56 out. Now, there were times in my scholastic career that I did wear shorts at inappropriate times. I knew I looked stupid wearing shorts and a sweatshirt, but I did it anyway. Heck I still do it when I go to work out. What baffles me are girls that insist on wearing short, t-shirts, Uggs, and a scarf when it's either 80 or 56 degrees outside. I saw my first student on campus in just that today. It is a seasonal walking contradiction. I don't get it. I am not putting down any of the articles of clothing, but wearing them all together? I love Uggs, I have gone through a few pairs of them, but I only wear them when it is seasonally appropriate. I love my Burberry scarf, but you aren't going to see it on me when it is 92 with a humidity level of 100%. I  just want to look at these girls and say it's not cute. You look stupid. You look ridiculous, and one day you will reflect on it and see just how much. Just like I did today when I thought back to wearing paper shorts, keds, and sweaters when it was 50 out.

Rant over!

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